Minard's Liniment

A Brief History

'Just Rub It In'

With those words, Dr. Levi Minard of Hants County, Nova Scotia, handed his patients his own special liniment for easing stiff, sore muscles, and aching backs. That was more than 140 years ago, and MINARD'S continues to effectively relieve muscular aches and pains with a formulation compound from nature's pharmacy.

The doctor's aromatic preparation, which he developed in the 1860s from ingredients known to bring comfort and relief, became a popular home therapeutic. Its use became widespread throughout the Maritime provinces and in Newfoundland, where fishermen knew all too well the effects of the ocean's damp, bone-chilling cold. The popularity of MINARD'S Liniment then pushed west into Quebec and Ontario, where it became known as the "King of Pain Relief" because of the immediate relief it brought.

Minard's Liniment remains the workhorse of liniments in this modern age, a legendary home remedy for pain that's both safe and effective. It provides quick, penetrating relief from stiff, sore muscles, strains, sprains, backaches, rheumatic, arthritic and temporary muscular pain. Use it anytime to soothe overworked muscles. Simply follow Dr. Minard's advice: "Rub it in" to aching joints and sore muscles, settle down, and relax away your pain.